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Hungry Gamers Hungry Gamers

Rated 3 / 5 stars

For those of you ranting at how you die ALL the time.

Look at the date the "game" was submitted... ;D

TomFulp, JohnnyUtah, Oney. Well played.

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BlokBlok! BlokBlok!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

(the tags were right, this game is cute!)

It isn't very often you see an original puzzle game, but when you do it is almost very single time, a good one; and this game definitely falls into that category.

At first glance, it looks like a normal tile flipping game, after a minute or two you add a mechanic that (I don't think anyway) has never been used before. Changing the pattern in which the tiles are flipped
in-game; and it makes the game a lot more harder... for good and for worse

Look at it this way, the first 7 levels were REALLY easy to say the least, even after that for a few levels they were still rather easy, and then after the first level you introduced the mechanic, it difficulty spiked up... quickly; and I lost patience fast.

Other than that the game shines, it looks simple but cute and the same time, and the sound effects made the flash seem kind of professional (aka I really liked the sound effects). The short music pieces at the menu and at level completion/failure were nice too, but there wasn't any music during gameplay, which allows for concentration, many games fall for this and add in-game music, which is a bad idea (in my opinion).

+ looks simple, but manages to be cute
+ The sfx sound nice and fit well
+ original game mechanic (as far as I know)
- Massive difficulty spike

Good game, I hope to see some more cuteness (or whatever you decide to do next) soon :D
I'm gunna geef this game another go and give geef it ah...

Review: 4 stars
Vote: 4 Picos

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ReptileGames responds:

Thanks for this great review Johnyboy33, we really appreciate that!

It was very difficult to balance the levels for this puzzle game. The puzzles easily too easy or to difficult. We tried to let the difficult come in waves per pattern. So every level starts with a easy version > medium > difficult. After that there is a new puzzle and that pattern repeats, easy>medium>difficult.

It is difficult to get the right mindset for the more difficult puzzles but when you eventually got that mindset the puzzle change from difficult to challenging ;)

Anyway thanks for playing and stay tuned for our upcoming game!

10 Bullets 10 Bullets

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love this game, it didn't take me more than a minute to love it either. It looks, sounds, and feels great, it kinda made me feel like a badass too (when I got those high combos).

The whole concept of this "arcade-shooter" type of game is very unique (to my knowledge anyway), and everything goes well together. Particularly how the combo carries on by having bullets come out of each destroyed... ship... I think; and with each time the combo went up, so did the amount of bullets that came from each ship went up too, this was a very good idea; admittedly, something that has been done before (apart from the increase in bullets each time), but you managed to put it into a scenario where this feature feels like it is something new.
(sorry if that was badly explained...)

Like I said, it looks and sounds great, and when the music changes slightly when you hit a ship for the first time, it was a nice touch.

The only problem I had with this game is that at some points I felt that it was down to luck weather or not a bullet would hit a ship (after the initial shot). At times there would be a load of ships on the screen and I would only hit 3, even though I shot in what seemed to be the perfect place...

+ Unique idea
+ Looks and sounds great
- Down to luck at times

Great game, I don't think I need to say anything else... Do I?
I'm going to 10 more bullets and geef u a...

Review: 4.5 stars
Vote: 4 Picos

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sushistory responds:

woow, that's a review!

Rad Bear Rude Rockit Rad Bear Rude Rockit

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm going to go straight ahead and repeat what everyone else is saying... the music is absolutely amazing (I'm listening to the upgrade menu music as I write this review!), it also looks good, I particularly like the animation for the crash at the end of each run. Sadly, this game suffers when it comes to gameplay and instructions...

instruction issues:
there is only one BTW, but its a biggy, and it's about the boosting. You explained us to "click to boost", but you didn't explain that the bear would boost towards the cursor, I realised that the bear boosted towards the cursor near the end of the game, and to be honest I was a bit annoyed, probably because as soon as I found that out, every run I had didn't fall short of the goal and I often found myself over 1000ft in the air.

Gameplay issues:
1) I found it strange that in a tossing game, you weren't given the opportunity to choose the angle of the toss (this is a good thing too, as it makes the game's progress move along faster), this doesn't seem like an issue but it gives the player less control over the game, all you have to do is click in the right place at the right time.

2) The upgrades (other than boost) and the power-ups didn't seem to affect much, they were quite underpowered.

3) The rockets, ah, the rockets, as awesome as they look, there are just too many of them (assuming you know the bear boosts towards the cursor, in which case there seems to be a lack of rockets...); you will more often than not have a rocket appear from either above, below, or hit you in the backside pretty much every few seconds, they only become rarer when you pass the goal, and it's a bit too late then...

Overall I liked the game, there are just a few adjustments that need to be made and you've got yourself a good ol' tossing game.

+ The music is like ear sex... (but it is!)
+ The art style is unique
+ The animations were nice 'n' smooth
- Instructions aren't fully explained
- Upgrades/power-ups seem powerless
- The game is a bit too easy (when you know what you are doing...)

Again, this game is good, and that music is absolutely sweet, I look forward to seeing more from you. so...

Review: 3.5 stars
Rating: 4 picos

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AttackingHobo responds:

Instructions were literally the hardest part about this game. I tried so many different variations of instructions and tutorials, but could not come up with something that fully works.

If I make a new rad bear game I think it will be radically(heh) different than this one. Something that can be explained more easily.

Thank you for the helpful review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is a difficult one...

Before I say anything else I'm going to say that I enjoyed this game, I didn't love it, but it definitely wasted a good hour of my life.

Good things first; I personally liked the song selection, none of the songs "Stood out", but I don't care for things like that as long as all the songs are good. The game was funny in places too, the end of each song had the most laughs from me, particularly the "golden boy/girl" star and the voice-over that went with it.

I also liked the fact that the tracks the notes come on changes to the colour of the neck of the selected guitar, I really liked that.

Now, the problems. Firstly, the animations at the bottom of the screen were very distracting during gameplay, at least to begin with, but the in-game voice-over was even more-so, saying things like "Am I putting you off?" or something similar almost every time I missed a note, the voice-over also overpowered the music so it was difficult to correct my mistake and get another streak going. (I know you can turn off in-game voice-overs in the options menu, but it's the fact that they are there in the first place)

Secondly, The game is just a little too difficult, I was having trouble with some of the easier pro-difficulty songs (and I've had years of practice with all sorts of rhythm games), Now if I had trouble, imagine someone who has NEVER played a rhythm game before they would really struggle to play the first song. Just saying...

Thirdly, The boss fights seemed a little unnessairy, like they were simply there to flesh out the game that little bit more just because you could, the only practical purpose boss fights had was for medals and for the final song. (And the fact that you could decline a boss fight, or to chose to have one on your own accord makes it that little bit less of a boss and more like a added challenge)

+ Nice song choice
+ humorous in places
+ Game looks good in general
- Too hard. Too quickly (particularly for n00bs to Rhythm games)
- MANY distractions in-game
- Bosses seem pointless

Don't get me wrong, I like this game. But it has it's flaws.
soz to everyone for the gigantic review and I'm gunna give this game a...

Review: 7 / 10
Vote: 3 / 5

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hmm... What to say.

The concept of this game is quite orignal, although its VERY hard to get the medals (I got 3 without cheating :D).

The people who say that this game is "torture", shouldn't be playing it. It's only for people that have extreme patience. In fact, once I completed one of the 'games' and get the medal, I felt quite proud of myself, which is the whole point.

Even if you do think that these 'games' are 'torture', you could always play a movie in the background (Thats what I did with 'k' and 'the big B'), it makes the task A LOT easier.

People who say this game is 'not fun'. In what way, shape or form did you think this flash was supposed to be fun in the first place? It was created to be a challenge, not fun, and as I said, you'll feel happy with yourself once you've completed

I do agree that the medal scores are a bit low, well, very low for what you were actually doing. (Sitting there for 1 hour - holding a button - and only getting 50 points)

Aside from the gameplay, art and programming was at a good standard.

vote - 3 / 5
Review - 6 / 10

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Death Fighter-enhanced Death Fighter-enhanced

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not bad...

Characters: First off, there were only three of them, but that isn't the bad thing. the bad thing is they look very similar to eachother and when they fight it seems there is no difference at all, they fight in the exact same way.

Controls: The movement was fine but the attacking was hard. Of the 6 attack buttons use gave us you never told us which were punch and which were kick, and they seemed to be all jumbled up. Also a better descripion of the specials is needed, I didn't know weather to hold both directons or to press them alternivitally.

One last thing: The amount of HP you gave for a single round was very big for a fighting game, it takes ages to get beaten up or to kick someone elses butt, then the 'out of 3 rounds' thing doubles the length again.

Verdict: A not too shaby effort but more variation in the characters is needed, better controls are needed or better description to make it easier to play and maybe lower to amount of HP, either that or have only one round.

Review: 4 / 10
Vote: 2 / 5

Newgrounds Radio Chat Newgrounds Radio Chat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just one thing...

You did a pretty good job I have to say.

But I must admit, the music wasn't the best addition. (not the individual music peices, I'm not and should'nt judge this submission for that. But the fact that there IS music.)

I know it's called 'Newgrounds RADIO chat' and most pepole will mark this review as "useless" for me even bringing it up, but it's only my opinion. And anyway, I'm still giveing full marks just for the fact that you did such a great job. :)

Sorry about that...

Review: 10 / 10
Vote: 5 / 5

P.S. keep this up and you'll beat MSN! :D

Simple Mouse Maze Simple Mouse Maze

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, first submission!

I am new the flash software myself, and think that I might not pull off something like that for MY first submission, whenever that'll be!

Good job, and good luck in your future submission!

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joenbob responds:

Thank you, dont worry this took a very long time to do, at first I started this as a joke and never intended to publish it. However as I played around with flash more, I have realized how much fun it is. If it submitted some other projects that I did, well I don't think it would even be approved =)

42 Game 42 Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad...

Good, but not great... I thought that you didn't make it clear what I had to do.