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I couldn't help but notice the amount of time between the release of the first episode and this episode... I believe there is a 15 day difference between them. It's great that you can release a new video within that small space of time, but it seems WAY too similar to the previous video.

The main issue here is the jokes and the overall originality of the flash. The jokes were okay, I guess, I chuckled at a few, some were just not funny, more effort need to be put into the jokes alongside adding something completely new which has never been done before...

And to do this you need to put more time into it:- More time into the jokes, more time into thinking about what you are going to do in the next episode, more time into everything. I hate to break it to you, a lone person (I'm assuming there is just one of you, excluding voice actors) making a full, fluid animation with bits of music in, while thinking up the jokes, in 15 days... Difficult task, particularly when you are uploading it to the net for commercial reasons, because it typically needs to be of the very best quality in order to become a massive success. (Did I go a bit over the top there...?)

Here's what you did good. The animation was very good, along with the voice acting, and the transactions were less annoying and less repetitive than last time, you also used different colours in each sketch rather than using the same very bold blue lines, so it's that little bit nicer on the eyes to watch.

+ Animation is fluid
+ Transactions aren't annoying any more
+ Voice acting is still brilliant
- Jokes weren't bad, but REALLY need to be improved on.
- Too much like the previous episode
- Not enough time spent on it.

That's all it really needs, more time for each episode, and this could very well be the next ASDF, but try not to associate yourself with ASDF, bad idea... really bad idea.

I hope you keep up the good work, you've got something going here. Improve it and all will be awesome.

I'm going to do "something else" now and give you a...

Review: 3.5 stars
Vote: 3 Picos

(P.S. I used that pun last time... Man I love that pun)

(P.S.S I noticed the lack of youtube subscription advertisements for your channel, glad you did, makes the flash seem more professional rather than have you seemingly poking us with a stick that says "subscribe to us" on it.)

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Most people are going to say straight away that this is too much like ASDF, I myself, don't really care, this flash doesn't seem to be purposely stealing ideas, I see it more as inspiration myself. Now if you completely ripped off ASDF by making the lines drawn in black, with no background music and you went a bit more random with your jokes, then there would be more of a problem. (ASDF fanboys, please don't instantly go and press the useless review button, I'm just stating my opinion)

The jokes in this flash were fairly funny, I got all of them but none never made me burst out into uncontrollable laughter; just small belly laughs.

The transactions made the video more repetitive than it actually was, the exact same animation and guitar riff is all it took to make it so; you could simply mix it up each time, you could use a slightly different guitar riff, a slightly different animation, or even use a different colour for each sketch.

To end on the positive, the box-headed people were drawn and animated well, and the voice-acting was brilliant and added to what little chuckles I had while watching.

+ Drawn and animated well
+ Voice acting was brilliant
- Not that funny (But funnier than other things I've seen)
- Transactions were repetitive

This video is ok, definitely watchable; I wouldn't mind seeing where you take this next (I would recommend that you try to separate yourself from ASDF, I myself don't care, but A LOT of people are going to keep bringing it up every time you submit a video for this series if you keep this exact style)

I'm going to do "something else" now and give you a...

Review: 3.5 stars
Vote: 3 Picos

(p.s. That pun... was... unexpected..!)

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Well that's a first...

Before I say anything else. I have not watched a tutorial video more than once, apart from this one; and I believe this is the first flash tutorial (Or any tutorial ever (That I've seen)) ever to actually teach though song. This is clearly not a bad thing, because few tutorials are entertaining as well as... well... a tutorial!

I even found it funny in places. I can safely say I've never laughed while watching a tutorial before until now.

If you haven't got it already, what I'm trying to say is that this flash is very creative, original and turned out really well.

As mentioned in the author comments, the animation IS "very limited", but as far as I can see, that is the only flaw.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the line "lock that, lock that, lock that layer, uh, uh, uh" is now stuck in my head (or something to that effect). I'm not simply quoting for the sake of quoting, that line IS stuck in my head!

Good job, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

vote: 5 / 5
Review: 9 / 10

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For those of you ranting at how you die ALL the time.

Look at the date the "game" was submitted... ;D

TomFulp, JohnnyUtah, Oney. Well played.

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(the tags were right, this game is cute!)

It isn't very often you see an original puzzle game, but when you do it is almost very single time, a good one; and this game definitely falls into that category.

At first glance, it looks like a normal tile flipping game, after a minute or two you add a mechanic that (I don't think anyway) has never been used before. Changing the pattern in which the tiles are flipped
in-game; and it makes the game a lot more harder... for good and for worse

Look at it this way, the first 7 levels were REALLY easy to say the least, even after that for a few levels they were still rather easy, and then after the first level you introduced the mechanic, it difficulty spiked up... quickly; and I lost patience fast.

Other than that the game shines, it looks simple but cute and the same time, and the sound effects made the flash seem kind of professional (aka I really liked the sound effects). The short music pieces at the menu and at level completion/failure were nice too, but there wasn't any music during gameplay, which allows for concentration, many games fall for this and add in-game music, which is a bad idea (in my opinion).

+ looks simple, but manages to be cute
+ The sfx sound nice and fit well
+ original game mechanic (as far as I know)
- Massive difficulty spike

Good game, I hope to see some more cuteness (or whatever you decide to do next) soon :D
I'm gunna geef this game another go and give geef it ah...

Review: 4 stars
Vote: 4 Picos

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ReptileGames responds:

Thanks for this great review Johnyboy33, we really appreciate that!

It was very difficult to balance the levels for this puzzle game. The puzzles easily too easy or to difficult. We tried to let the difficult come in waves per pattern. So every level starts with a easy version > medium > difficult. After that there is a new puzzle and that pattern repeats, easy>medium>difficult.

It is difficult to get the right mindset for the more difficult puzzles but when you eventually got that mindset the puzzle change from difficult to challenging ;)

Anyway thanks for playing and stay tuned for our upcoming game!

I love this game, it didn't take me more than a minute to love it either. It looks, sounds, and feels great, it kinda made me feel like a badass too (when I got those high combos).

The whole concept of this "arcade-shooter" type of game is very unique (to my knowledge anyway), and everything goes well together. Particularly how the combo carries on by having bullets come out of each destroyed... ship... I think; and with each time the combo went up, so did the amount of bullets that came from each ship went up too, this was a very good idea; admittedly, something that has been done before (apart from the increase in bullets each time), but you managed to put it into a scenario where this feature feels like it is something new.
(sorry if that was badly explained...)

Like I said, it looks and sounds great, and when the music changes slightly when you hit a ship for the first time, it was a nice touch.

The only problem I had with this game is that at some points I felt that it was down to luck weather or not a bullet would hit a ship (after the initial shot). At times there would be a load of ships on the screen and I would only hit 3, even though I shot in what seemed to be the perfect place...

+ Unique idea
+ Looks and sounds great
- Down to luck at times

Great game, I don't think I need to say anything else... Do I?
I'm going to 10 more bullets and geef u a...

Review: 4.5 stars
Vote: 4 Picos

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sushistory responds:

woow, that's a review!

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Pure genius!

Useally I don't like remix's of songs (I think that they ruin the song...), but you've proved me wrong, and I'm glad that you did.

This song is amazing! (espetally from 1:07 - 2:05 and from 2:52 - 3:49). There is no way I could give any 'suggestions' to make this song any 'better than it is now', because it is flawless, and I really mean that!

Fulls marks from me :)
My vote: 5/5
My review score: 10/10

P.S. I hope to see more awesomeness soon. Keep up the good work!

P.S.S. The person below me, 'g0rDz'. Since you wrote a 'score 10' review, try to remember to actually score the submission next time, just a suggestion...

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Real nice!

When I listened to this in the NG sketchbook tour, I went stright to the list of the songs for that entry to find it!

...That's how good it is! I really hope you make more songs which are good as this in the future!

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Hacsev responds:

Thanks! :)

Just brilliant!

I HAVE to agree with 'TheWisestMagi'... (2 reviews below mine...) This would be excellent for an opening a game!

Keep you the amazing work!

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you! ANd again for the review, glad you liked it :D!

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